Friday night
6:00  Open for registration.  try to be there early
6:45 1st draw starts
9:00 2nd draw starts

Saturday Morning
9:00 Arrive at the Golf Course.
9:30  Shot Gun Start. 2 Teams on a Hole.  Keep score for the team your with.  Best Ball format.
12:00 Back to the club for Soup and Sandwiches.
1:00 Start of Your second curling game.  Lowest 6 teams in points will play.
3:00 Last game of curling.  Highest 6 teams in points will play.

6:00 Supper.  Ham and scalped potatoes.  Prepared by the renowned chef, Pat Hannah and her staff.


Remember for Saturday to dress for the weather.  Also have a second change of clothes to change into incase the weather doesn’t want to co-operate.
This is meant to be a fun weekend.  We are putting up the clubs and bring out the brooms.  Its the change of seasons.
The only thing else I can think of is start stretching now.  We are all going to hurt Sunday morning. lol