Registration 2017

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2017-2018 Membership Registration Form

2017-2018 Little Rock – Bantam – After School Registration Form

Registration Forms are available on the website.  If you choose to complete the application online by using the form fill option, please remember to save the form after it has been completed.  You can then print and bring with you, or email to if you cannot attend on either of these dates.

Payment Options for Membership Fees

If you’re paying in person on one of the Registration dates, you may use cash, cheque or credit card.  If you’re sending your registration form via email to, you can also send an email transfer to the same email address.

Membership Fees – Increase

Membership Fees have been increased by $10.00 across the board to cover the increase cost of OCA (Ontario Curling Association) Fees and the implementation of a $2.00 Canada Curling Fee for all curlers.  Please refer to the Registration Form – Page 3 for a breakdown of all costs for Membership Fees.

Curling Draws – Changes

Monday Night Fixed/Competitive Draw.

Tuesday  Front end Back end                             Tuesday Daytime Mixed

Wednesday night   Learn to Curl

Thursday night Mixed                                           Thursday Daytime Mixed

Friday morning Ladies Draw

We have decided to remove both the Monday Night Ladies and the Men’s Night Draws from the schedule for the 1st Draw.  We have struggled for several years now to fill these draws.  In place of both those leagues, we are implementing a Monday Night Fixed/Competitive Draw.  Entries to this draw must be in team format.  Teams may be of any combination…. all female, all male, two men & two women, 1 man & 3 women, 1 woman & 3 men… anything goes!!  We have curlers who like to participate in out of town bonspiels and have asked for this type of venue for practicing as a team.  Like all changes, we will reevaluate our decision as we head towards the 2nd Draw.  If we don’t get enough interest, we will review the draws and make appropriate changes.

Other changes – we moved Learn To Curl back to Wednesday night and we added a Friday morning Ladies Draw.  We’ve had a few requests for a Ladies daytime draw over the past couple of years, so we’re going to see how it goes at registration.

The balance of our draw schedule remains the same.   Mixed Back End/Front End on Tuesday night and two Mixed Draws on Thursday night.  As well, our Tuesday and Thursday daytime draws remain the same as last year.

New Members Promotion – $100.00

We are adding the final touches to our New Members Recruitment Promotion.   Our plan is to send a postcard invitation to all households in the Bancroft area.  As well, we are advertising on The Moose 97.7 FM which includes a contest through their website   New Members can enter for a chance to win a free membership.  Details of the contest should be on The Moose’s website Monday or Tuesday of this week.  Please check it out.

Our New Member Rate this year is $100.00.   For that fee, New Members (who have never curled before) will receive 7 weeks of Learn To Curl followed by 7 weeks of curling in 1 league of their choice.

New Members can also be curlers who have never curled in Bancroft before, or who curled at our club but have not been a member for the past several years.  These new curlers will receive 14 weeks of curling (2 Draws) in 1 league of their choice.

In both cases curlers wishing to curl in more leagues, or for a 3rd draw, will be expected to pay additional fees.  All details will be available at Registration and on our website.

PLEASE HELP us recruit new members by sharing this information with neighbours and friends.  As always, we need your support to help make this season a success.