Curling is known for its sportsmanship and courtesy shown to other curlers.
Here are some basic guidelines about curling etiquette.

  1. Be on time (or even early!) - ready to step onto the ice at the designated time.
  2. The game begins with a handshake and introductions.  Players wish each other "good curling"!
  3. The Vices (or Thirds) determine who has hammer - usually by a spinner or coin toss.
  4. Sweepers must stay between the two hog lines, unless it is their team's turn to deliver a rock.
  5. When returning to the opposite end, sweepers should walk single file along the sidelines, staying out of the way of the opposing players.
  6. It is polite to stop walking while someone is in the hack and set to deliver a rock.
  7. A skip or vice standing behind the house, should remain still and avoid disturbing the concentration of the opposing player.  Brooms should be off the ice and out of line of sight when viewed from the other end of the ice.
  8. At the end of the game, whether you win or lose, give each of your oppoents a handshake and thank them for the game.
  9. It is customary for the winning team to buy a beverage for their counterpart (ie. skip for skip) on the other team.  If time permits, a reciprocal drink is customary.
  10. It is every player's responsiblity to find a spare when unable to play. It is helpful to let your skip know who is replacing you for the game.

Click here for the section in our Members' Handbook for a more detailed description about curling etiquette!

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